Children’s Menu

Starters £1.65

Home-made soup of the day
check the blackboard for the flavour

Heinz tomato soup
just like Mama makes

Main courses £2.95

Chunky chicken wrap
with a choice of lemon and herb mayo or sweet chilli dip

Home-made pizza
a tasty flatbread with tomato and cheddar topping

Tuna pasta salad
tuna mayo with pasta and corn

Sausage pasta
pasta in tomato sauce with sausages and (optional) cheese on top

Cheese and tomato pasta
pasta in a veggie tomato sauce with cheddar or parmesan (or both)

Fish & chips
haddock in breadcrumbs with tartare dip on the side

Sausages and chips
with or without beans

Sandwiches £2.50

on brown or white bread and pick a filling from

Cheese and egg mayo Cream cheese and ham
Cream cheese and cucumber Ham and cheese
Bacon, lettuce and tomato Tuna mayo

Bowl of chips £1.25  
Chips on the side 70p 

Desserts  £1.75

Ice cream
Choose Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry

Strawberry, Chocolate or Hot Fudge

Piece of fresh fruit
Ask what we’ve got today